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What Clients Say About Acevedo Family Law APC

Words cannot explain how happy I am with Gisela’s work, and the outcome of my case! I got EVERYTHING I asked for. My case was a complex DV and custody case. Not once did Gisela doubt my truth. I always felt heard and cared for. Many times she would email me at 9PM to answer any questions I had. Gisela and her team have passion for family law and their dedication speaks for itself. Thank you Gisela for helping me keep my baby safe! I will forever be grateful for you!
— C.C.

I had a very good experienced with Acevedo family law ! Gisela is very smart and fights for her clients zealously . The firm was financially reasonable , most importantly she took the time for me , took my case seriously and treated me with kindness & respect . I have had very disappointing experiences in the past with other family law attorneys. So i can truly say : when one finds a good attorney it is simply golden. Highly Recommended!
— N.C.

Acevedo Family Law APC is proving to be the relief my family needed during this distressing custody situation. The obstacles that arose during the court proceedings were met with the confidence of Acevedo Family Law APC without missing a beat. She was always present and available at each juncture of the case and willingly answered all of my daughter’s questions, while assuaging her fears of each impending court hearing. As the grandmother of two beautiful grandchildren, I couldn’t bear not being a part of their growth. Acevedo Family Law APC understood my daughter’s angst and after a brief interview, began working on her case right away! I am looking forward to a worry-free, positive outcome with Acevedo Family Law APC, they are a true Family Law Attorney. Acevedo Family Law APC, the law firm that definitely works harder for your familial rights than you could ever work for yourself!
— TS

When I came to Gisela my husband and I were walking into a legal situation we knew very little about. It was scary and we felt so many emotions all at the same time. Gisela was so knowledgeable and she put the facts out there from the very beginning. Our process was about a year and a half because the opposing party kept prolonging the case. Through it all she always came with the truth and alongside my husband and I built what we called a “slam dunk” case. It was an emotional roller coaster for us that we will never forget but even more so we will never forget the guidance and the solidarity we received from Gisela. She was genuinely in our corner from beginning to end. She will forever hold a special place in our hearts and family.
— SR

Quiero agradecerte de corazón por tu trabajo. Me sorprende cómo puedes explicar cosas complicadas de manera sencilla y clara, nunca pierdes de vista el objetivo. Me has dado tranquilidad en momentos de incertidumbre, me inspira a ya no tener miedo. No solo me has representado legalmente, sino que también te has preocupado genuinamente por mí y mi hija. Gracias de verdad!”
— RV